Tuesday, August 31, 2004

TV Tuesday

Week 21 - Olympics

Now that the Olympics have closed let's review!!

1. How much of the Olympics did you watch?

I actually watched a good bit, though not a lot at any one particular time. It was on in our house most every evening, and we kept our eyes on it here and there.

2. What's your favorite Olympic sport?

Well, I used to love to watch fencing but I've gotten over that a bit. I think my favorite is probably volleyball, with some of the track and field and swimming. I don't really enjoy gymnastics much at all. Diving is interesting, but ultimately frustrating because of the ambiguity of the scoring.

3. What's your least favorite Olympic sport or one you feel should be removed?

I don't enjoy boxing at all, and wouldn't cry if it were gone. I don't think I watched any wrestling, either, and wouldn't miss it. I think the rythmic gymnastics could go, and the eight-person synchronized swimming was just weird...it reminded me of an Esther Williams musical by the Stepford Wives..

~Bonus~ If you could participate in the Olympics what sport would you want to be in?

Fencing, maybe. I always wanted to try to pole vault or do the hurdles, but never took up track when I was younger. I guess the sport I would be best suited for would be volleyball.

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