Tuesday, August 31, 2004


I'm not going to say anything about the RNC. I won't, nope nope nope nope, I won't.

Ok, except this.

How is it possible two perfectly reasonable human beings can have two completely different responses to the same speech - not just the content, but the style, and the references, and the subtext...?

Has it gotten to the point where it's impossible for anyone -- anyone at all! -- to respond or react to anything anyone does with objectivity? Is it impossible to remove the rose-colored (or ash-colored) glasses, and let ourselves view those things and people that we agree or disagree with in anything but absolutes?

And there are a lot of bloggers covering the RNC, just like they did the DNC. And a lot of them are, of course, are reacting to the speakers, and the pageantry, and the atmospheres in diametrically opposite ways than they viewed the previous convention.

Is there anyone left that's just a little bit objective? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

As I said yesterday. What's the Point?

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