Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Why We Can't Let Go

South Knox Bubba has a great outline of the evidence supporting the fact the 2000 presidential election was not legit. There are a lot of good comments back and forth on both sides.

Here's my take, since my comments would likely get lost in the shuffle, and hey...who reads this blog anyway?

What conservatives will never understand is that a lot of people believe there was a terrible, illegal, unjust and conspiratorial based coup to win the presidency in 2000. It may not have been planned "en tota" the way it came off, but SKB and others feel a lot of circumstances fell the right way to allow them the opportunity to manipulate the results. There are also people who believe Democrats and others should just "get over it", and "move on", and "let it go".

No one should EVER get over this kind of thing, if it isn't answered to their satisfaction. This isn't sour grapes, it's not partisan bickering, it's not whining or crying for God's sake it's the LEADERSHIP OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

Asking anyone to "let it go" is like asking a Kuwaiti in 1990 to forget about the Iraqi invasion and just "let it go". Asking someone to "get over it" is like asking a woman who's been raped to just "get over it". Asking someone to "move on" is like asking an Enron stockholder who's lost his life savings after the brass steal the big bucks to just "move on".

If Gore had done the same thing to GWB, and the same ambiguity and evidence pointed to wrong-doing on his, his family's, and his party's part I would be just as upset because there are things that should go beyond self-righteous bickering, and that is integrity, honesty, and doing what's right and just.

And you want us to just "let it go"...geez..

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