Thursday, May 08, 2003

Dixie Chick "Protest" Update

Dixie Chicks protesters cluck their disapproval - Fans refuse to be egged on at demonstration hatched by radio host
"Most concertgoers smiled or simply ignored the protest, which was held by the entrance ramp at the east end of the arena."
No word as to when people will start boycotting the radio station that inspired the protest.

Here's an exercise for you: see how many quotes you can find from people during 1992-2000 who said they were ashamed to be from Arkansas. You can probably find dozens of examples if internet records went back that far, but even if you could you wouldn't find any so-called "patriots" protesting against their businesses and ways of life for "disrespecting the presidency". Heck, it was a popular Republican party game to disrespect the presidency back then.

I love this quote:

"A 20-ish guy with a crew cut and a "USMC" T-shirt was among the ticket dumpers. He wouldn't give his name and declined to be interviewed. But he may have spoken for some fans disappointed in the Chicks' stance when he said: "I'd be going in there if they hadn't ran their mouths."

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