Friday, May 30, 2003

Discrimination? What Discrimination?

Clayton Cramer points out a first hand experience by Eric Muller regarding one of the historic simulations presented at Colonial Williamsburg. Having spent a week there almost this exact time last year (oh, to have been blogging then - what stories I could have shared...), this immediately piqued my interest.

Start here and scroll up (and read the comments) - he has several other posts on the the subject.

My take, and this seems to agree with some of his commenters: While the actor/bailiff was in character in enforcing the rules of the reenactment, it seems that if a tourist who didn't fit the criteria for a justice (ie, he wasn't white, male, Protestant, or old enough) but really wanted to participate would be allowed to. I think the bailiff character set out the rules and mistook Eric's admittance of being Jewish as turning down the offer in character and continued on. If Eric had said, "I'm Jewish, but I'd really like to participate anyway" I would imagine the bailiff would have let him do so.

Our experiences in Colonial Williamsburg were wonderful, although the sweltering 100+ degree heat of the afternoon we spent there made it less than ideal.

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