Tuesday, May 06, 2003

What ever happened to...

  • That Afghan convoy we were supposed to be closing in on that supposedy was carrying Osama Bin Laden a week or so before the Iraqi War started? We were getting closer...and closer...and closer...and nothing.
  • The THP Deputy that shot the dog in Cookeville? Was anything ever done to reprimand him?
  • The Anthrax attack investigation?
  • Khalid Sheikh Mohammed? Did he ever give us anything useful?
  • My musical career--oh, wait, that's personal. Never mind.
  • Patriot Act II - is there a SINGLE PERSON in America that's in favor of this besides Ashcroft? I've never seen a single news item, editorial, column, pundit or blogger come up with a defense of this....
  • Oh, yeah - Salam Pax. Still hasn't turned up, hm? Interesting with restoration of power and internet access in Baghdad he hasn't contacted any of those friends he was in contact with earlier....right.
I just hate loose threads....

UPDATE - SayUncle mentions that Salam Pax's site was updated -- just today (5/7/03)! Somebody must have been listening... I'm still not convinced he's on the level - so far it's just words on a screen (although I haven't read all his 15 new posts that just appeared).

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