Tuesday, May 20, 2003

It All Comes Down to this

The season finale of "24" is on tonight. There's been a nuclear bomb detonated on US soil, the country is rioting, the president's been deposed, the ex-first lady's been stabbed, we're about to attack three Middle Eastern Countries, and it's time for the Jack Bauer Power Hour. He's survived a plane crash, a nuclear blast, near-fatal torture and is in the middle of having a heart attack....Even if you haven't seen an episode of the series before, tape the other half of the "Hitler" biopic and watch "24". You'll be glad to you did.

My bet for those in the know: We'll see Nina before the hour is over. Just what was that scar on her back all about anyway?

UPDATE: Three things I learned from tonight's finale:
  1. Be forgiving to your traitorous turncoat advisors.
  2. Use two-team snipers
  3. Always use HandiwipesTM after shaking hands with strangers.
This is what is officially called a Holy Crap Ending.....

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