Wednesday, May 07, 2003

A Local Gang of Idiots

Seems like local sports talk show braintrust Tony Basilio and his usual gang of mouthbreathers are planning to set up shop this afternoon outside Thompson Boling Arena and protest/heckle people coming in for the Dixie Chicks concert tonight.

Yesterday on his radio show people were calling in offering to bring signs and even bragging about whatever misshapen poetry they're planning to write on them to try and convince concertgoers that the Dixie Chicks are nothing more than nasty skanks (their words).

Interesting. An American is exercising his rights to freedom of speech (and freedom of assembly) to protest another American practicing her right to free speech.

Let me get this straight: All one of them said was that she was ashamed the President was from Texas like her? Is there something more she said that I just missed to elicit all this anti-Dixie Chick controversy? Does anybody out there actually agree with their sentiments?

Freedom of Speech is great, as long as you say what I want you to say.

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