Friday, May 30, 2003

More New Members of the Rocky Top Brigade

Welcome to Dingbust, Rushlimbaughtomy (another Barry), A Smoky Mountain Journal, AlphaPatriot, and Resonance.

Ok, I'm out of the closet now - Dingbust has shown me the light. I don't drink, and could care less about the quest for the perfect single malt Scotch whiskey for under $20....I want a vanilla malt! I feel so free!!!

Oh, and for those who read Rushlimbaughetoereteajtoetomey (whatever) and if and when he comments around the RTB - remember, there's liberal and then there's Liberal. Hey, I'm just sayin', so there's no confusion. ;)

Final thought - is it just me, or is the RTB starting to look like one big mega-Crossfire episode?

UPDATE:Also welcome Frank Cagle of News Sentinel/Van Hilleary/Knoxville Government/WNOX Newstalk 990 fame.

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