Thursday, May 08, 2003

Salam Pax - real or not?

Ok, ok. I'm the only one maintaining the lonely vigil suggesting he's an imaginative fabrication. But says this:

In his recent posts, Pax names someone who could identify him: He writes about interviewing with John F. Burns, a veteran reporter with The New York Times, to be a translator.

Pax's account of the interview at the Meridian Hotel in Baghdad details a long conversation on topics ranging from architecture in Beirut, Lebanon, to Iraqi reconstruction. Pax didn't get the job, but apparently Burns signed a note written on the newpaper's stationery that certified Pax and a friend who accompanied him were "good."

At press time, Burns hadn't responded to a request for comment.
If John Burns confirms this, then I'll be happy to believe it. Until then....still waiting for proof.

P.S. - to some of my fellow liberals out there, that's what would be called having an open mind. Just in case you missed it. Actually, that would apply to some conservatives, too. Boy I'm alienating everyone today!

Here's a more pleasant thought - Butterfly Meadows...aaaaahhhh...

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