Monday, May 12, 2003

Light Blogging this week

....because I leave Wednesday morning for Las Vegas on business. I don't know if I'll have internet access there (I don't have a laptop) so there probably won't be any on-location blogging.

I will, however, post something if I have a William Bennett sighting.

UPDATE: I'm planning on doing the Star Trek Experience Wednesday night, but other than that is there an attraction that simply must be seen? I know there's a pirate show outside one hotel somewhere.

I am not seeing Celine Dion, although it would be a good concert. She's playing at the brand new Colosseum at Caesar's Palace where I'll be staying.


I am actually going on business - a 2-day Internal and Employee Communications Seminar. Lest any of you think there's to be any pleasure on this trip. Ha! I laugh, ha!

Oh wait...Siegfried and Roy!

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