Wednesday, July 19, 2006

What IT's All About

James Lileks:
On the way back from morning class I was nearly killed by a driver who blew through a red light. Pissed me off for fifteen blocks. Like I can die when I have so much to do. Idiot: I just BOUGHT this car. Thinking of it now, though, it made me realize she [my daugheter] is my IT, and perhaps the reason I worry about the other nonessential IT projects is because I can get them done. I can see them through. Any IT I start tomorrow I could finish in a year, barring comet / intersection T-boning / Road-Warrior future (meep meep!). It’s all about that; it’s all about her future, and there’s not a damn thing we’ll do tomorrow she’ll remember. And kids wonder sometimes why you hug them so tightly.
6-yr-old Tink snuggled up against me last night on the couch as we watched Klingons on TV. It was time for bed. "Don't wanna go," she said, in her faux-2-yr-old voice. "Wanna stay with Daddy."

Daddy want you to stay with him too, sweetheart.

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