Friday, July 28, 2006

Blogathon Accessories

Not only will I be blogging at Fresh Food, Fresh Blog tomorrow from 9pm - 3am (you did remember didn't you?) there will be other festivities related to Blogation 2006 all over the web:

Blogexplosion has Live Blogathon Coverage on BE Radio for 24 fun hours starts at 8:30am EST (5:30am PST) . BE Radio is open to everyone - not just BlogExplosion members, so I would encourage everyone to drop in and get an update on the Blogathon.

You can listen to BE Radio just by clicking the "Listen Now" button on
the BE Radio homepage. There is a known issue with some versions of
Firefox, so you might want to use Internet Explorer. Alternatively, if you
want to listen to BE Radio in your favorite media player (like Windows
Media Player or Winamp), you can use this URL in your player's Open URL

There will also be a special chat room for Blogathon participants at

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