Saturday, July 15, 2006

Fun in the Sun

Vacation pics from Ft. Lauderdale

(Note: This first photo is now my initial entry into the Self-Portrait Challenge! Welcome to all those new readers...)

Tink, Brainboy v10.5 and me sitting on the edge of the pool at the condo, next to a cool waterfall/fountain thing. Presently the waterfall is going down the back of my trunks. Laura took all the photos, so she's not in the pictures..

At Wannado City, Tink's a fire fighter.

Also at Wannado City, Brainyboy's working in the Coca Cola Bottling Plant

On the Airboat in the Everglades. Note the earplugs to keep out the deafening noise of the propeller fans. For some reason I look very stern... My t-shirt says, "One Fine Scotsman - Measured, Weighed, and Found Fit"

A denizen of the swamp. The guide threw wadded up pieces of grass at him...

Space Shuttle and fireworks photos were taken with the print camera, so those'll come later...

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