Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Oh, Sure, Now They Think About It

Fox president think fans of serialized dramas deserve closure
Speaking to critics at the TCA press tour, Fox Entertainment president Peter Liguori mentioned that the proliferation of serialized dramas offered by the networks this year might start to wear on viewers, especially if many of them end up getting cancelled before fans see a satisfying ending to the show's story arc. He felt the networks and show producers should put together a plan to wrap such shows up if they get axed prematurely. "I think the audience deserves some closure," Liguori told the critics.
Fine. Great. Close up the open-ended series - see if I care.

I just wanna know why this wasn't considered before NBC axed Crime Story back in the day. Last we saw, Detective Mike Torello and mob boss Tony Luca were locked in mortal combat in an airplane that crashed into the ocean. That's it, end of season, end of series. Bah.

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