Monday, July 31, 2006

9/11 Tribute Project

The 2,996 Project
The idea is simple, but powerful: have a special tribute for each victim of 9/11, with each tribute being created by a different blogger. We started 2,996 Project to coordinate the creation of the tributes, and that's what this site is all about. Here you can sign up to make a tribute yourself, on your blog (we'll randomly assign a victim to you). You can also browse or search through either the victims that have already been assigned, or those that have not -- and you can get pointers to more information on all of them.
Go to this site, sign up, and post about the individual victim and their lives on your own blog on September 11, 2006. If 2,996 bloggers can make a tribute to one person, it will be yet another example of how a community can come together to honor victims of a tragedy.

Let's celebrate life on this day.

(HT: Denise)

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