Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Barnard Hughes Dies

Veteran actor Barnard Hughes dies
Veteran actor Barnard Hughes, star of stage, big screen and small screen, has died after a brief illness at age 91.

According to the Associated Press, Hughes passed away on Tuesday at New York Presbyterian Hospital.

Hughes appeared in dozens of Broadway productions and also movies like Midnight Cowboy, Doc Hollywood, Sister Act 2 and The Lost Boys (as the seemingly clueless grandfather-turned-last-minute-rescuer).

He is perhaps best known to TV-viewing veterans as the star of such series as Doc, Mister Merlin and Blossom.
He also had a very memorable role in Tron, one of my favorite movies...

I always liked Mr. Hughes and enjoyed his performances. He seemed like he would be a nice guy to get to know and work with. I'm surprised they remembered he was Mr. Merlin, that was a great show way back when...

So long, Barnard.

End of Line.

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