Wednesday, February 15, 2006

What I Love About My Kids

  • Dancing and singing with Tink while we rap the song, "It's a Hard Knock Life" from Annie - complete with those weird hand gestures rappers use with the index finger and pinky pointed out on both hands. It's quite surreal watching a 6-yr-old blond girl rapping with her voice real low.

  • Night before last:
    Brainyboy (to my wife): Goodnight!

    Laura: Sleep tite!

    Me (singing): "And pleasant you."

    Laura and I (singing): "Here's a wish...and a prayer...that every dream comes true.
    And now 'til we meet again - Adios, au revior, auf weidersehen..."

    Brainyboy (watching us with bemusement and not a little pity): Whatever..

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