Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Well, Maybe I'll Just Have This One Leg of Lamb. But That's It! I Swear!

Saddam Says He's on a Hunger Strike
"Saddam said he had not eaten in three days, while his former intelligence chief, Ibrahim Barzan, said he had been on strike for two days. Their claims of a hunger strike could not be independently confirmed."
Yeah, right. After 30+ years of living high on the hog off of the sweat and blood of his Iraqi slaves subjects citizens, Saddam could no longer endure an extended, self-enforced time away from food than I could. He'll have guard sneaking him in Hershey Bars and Ho-Ho's by the caseload.

But then, I'm not sure this is a bad thing. I mean, how ironic would it be for Saddam Hussein, former royal potentate, grand poobah and lord of all he surveyed to slowly starve to death while the court, his subjects, his people, the country and the rest of the world stand around, looking at their watches and saying, "Mm-hmm. Ok. Refuse to eat? Hey, no problem - more for us, anyway."

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