Friday, February 24, 2006

The Gift For The Mad Scientist In Your Life That Has Everything...

Carnivorous Creations(TM)
"This deluxe Carnivorous Creations kit has seeds from over 10 varieties of carnivorous plants, including the Cobra Plant, Venus Fly Trap, Pitcher Plant, Trumpet Plant and more. You'll make your won authentic bog with the included peat planting mix, blue Swamp Rocks, three Bog Buddies and colorful decals!

This rare and unusual collection of plants will flourish for years in the specially designed terrarium with proper care and stratification."
This is great - I want one of these.

And they're only $21!

Plus, if you have some experience in genetic manipulation and nuclear science, you could grow your own mutant army of Audrey II's!

(Noticed on Boing Boing)

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