Monday, February 27, 2006

Checking In

A Couple Nights Ago:

11:30 pm. I'm at a post-show cast party. Brainyboy (v10.05)'s at a friend's house spending the night. Laura's in bed, half-asleep.


Laura: Hello?

BB: Mom?

Laura: BB? What's wrong?

BB: Um. Nothing. Um, I was friend and I were wanting to watch "Men in Black II" but I wanted to check with you to see if it was ok to watch it. It's rated PG-13...

Laura: (fumbling through the fog, at once relieved that there's nothing wrong) Ok, read me what it says on the DVD case about the rating...

BB: Um...mild language and sci-fi violence.

Laura: (thinking it over) Ok, son, it's ok for you to watch it...thanks for checking with us...


How many 10-yr-old kids would call home to ask their mom if they could watch a movie they know we might find questionable?

(Michael poses some related questions having to do with movie ratings...)

Guess we're doing something right.

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