Tuesday, February 21, 2006


I'm doing a quick show this weekend and next, "Ruthless" at the Oak Ridge Playhouse. I'll be playing backup keyboards, while someone else handles the Music Directing for a change :) It's nice - no stress (except actually learning the part). I don't have to worry about working with the cast or making sure where all the cuts and entrances and cut-offs are, I just roll with it and enjoy.

Mistaken identity and deep secrets, revealed, are the hallmarks of both farce and melodrama. Add to that, zippy dialog, snappy tunes, and a multiple personality disorder or two, and you've got Ruthless!: the Musical, which opens Friday night at Oak Ridge Playhouse. When eight-year-old Tina Denmark determines that she was born to play Pippi Longstocking in a school production, she lets nothing stand in her way. Not her mother, not her agent, not her teacher, not her critics, and not, in the least, her competition.
Unfortunately, it's not paid. Ah well. But it's one week of rehearsals plus two weekends of shows - no big deal.

Come see it! This weekend and next weekend at the Oak Ridge Playhouse. I'll be the one in the mustard-colored lounge lizard jacket. ;)

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