Friday, July 16, 2004


I've been a bit blog-quiet lately, no reason really. Memes are nice to fill in the blank spots so people know you're alive, but it's not enough.

  • We finally got a color printer at work. A freaking-about-time-let's-join-the-21st-century color printer. Hatamaran and I are quite happy.

  • I've been "teaching" (those are really big quotes, too) a Theatre Camp at BrainyBoy and GiggleGirl's school this week. Trying to teach improv exercises to twenty 4-to-8-year-olds is an exercise in patience and civility, lemme tell you. This was "pirate week" at camp, so I wrote a 5-minute play for them to perform this morning, since it was the last day. BrainyBoy was the captain of the Pirates of the Caribbean, and GiggleGirl was one of the Pirates Who Don't Do Anything. They squared off, and much hilarity ensued. Her big lines were, "E-Bay!" and, "Eat Cheetos!" I expect Tony nominations to come in shortly.

  • I've been glomming over (and that's a word that's best explained in context) the new Land of the Lost 1st Season DVD. Yeah, that's the one I crowed about over here. I can't get over how cerebral this series was, and still is 30 years later. The production values were obviously primitive by today's standards, but for their time - and with the budgetary limitations inherent in a Saturday-Morning kids show - they were really quite good. Most shows when presented with a limited budget would make do with what was available, but the creators of LOTL really put their imaginations and hearts into creating this amazing world.

    It's eerie seeing the new video interviews with Kathy Coleman (Holly) and Wesley Eure (Will). Wesley looks exactly like you'd think he'd look at 49 - the same as when he 19, just a big heavier and with shorter, thinning hair. He's someone I'd love to meet and talk to - just a warm, friendly guy. Kathy...Kathy looks totally different at 42 than she did when she was 12 - the apple cheeks are still there, but, of course, no pigtails. She seems like a hoot as well, although seemed to show just a bit too much affection toward her "older brother". I can't understand why she never did anything else after the show was over.

    No mention about why Spencer Milligan (Rick Marshall) left the show before the 3rd season, and there were no interviews with him.

    I didn't realize David ("The Trouble with Tribbles") Gerrold was so heavily involved with the production. He was 1st Season story editor, and apparently took the rough setting Sid and Marty Krofft gave to him and developed the whole story and characters. He's still a funny guy, all this time later.

    The science-fiction of LOTL made it a cut above anything that's been on Saturday mornings, then or since, really. I'm happy I had it to enjoy then, and now.
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