Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Well, Maybe This Time (plus car bombs)

Last week I was invited to lunch by someone who's in a similar field that I am, although with a different local healthcare company. I ended up waiting 30 minutes at Riverside Tavern, then giving up and eating alone. When I got back to the office she called, wondering where I was. Turns out she'd gone to the Westside Tavern instead. Honest mistake.

Today we're trying it again at Macaroni Grill. Any other restaurants in town with a similar name I should be aware of?

Oh, and it's Italian twice in a row - last night we went to the new Johnny Carina's in West Knox County. Tons of food, and there are three to-go boxes of fettucine alfredo, penne pasta and spaghetti lounging in our fridge.

I love Italian. And so do you. Yes. No. Yes. No.



I've gotten a lot of Google and Yahoo! hits lately about the Nashville car bombing last week. I blogged about it here. I checked some of the other hits the searches found, and haven't seen or heard any progress on the investigation. Any Nashvillians heard anything lately? If and when I hear anything, I'll post it here to help out the folks searching...

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