Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Time Passes

I found out this morning that an old schoolmate of mine passed away. He was the quarterback of our football team, had the lead in our Senior production of Oklahoma!, and was a pretty nice guy.

I didn't actually know him all that well, although we were always pleasant to each other. he was a jock, and I was an art guy.

Interestingly, our high school never seemed to have that bad of a social schism - there were fairly clearly defined parameters to our social and academic circles, but there was still a lot of cross-over, and never any true rivalries between them.

The jocks were active in the Drama Club, a lot of the brains were in the arts, etc. The "lower" strata was there...the punks, the hoods, other misfits - but even most of the misfits seemed to find a niche somewhere.

Other than never having a date (which is about 14 posts by itself), I have a lot of good memories of high school.

Oh, and did I say my 20th reunion is coming up this fall? Yes, it's been 20 years since my high school graduation...

One nice thing about reunions is I've gotten back in touch with a good friend I haven't been in communication with much over the years. She lives in Kentucky, and I'm looking forward to seeing her this fall.

I let her know today of the death of our classmate - she was much closer to him than I was, and was quite shocked at the news.

All this to say...time passes.

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