Thursday, June 24, 2004

Theatre Thursday

Week 6 - Animals

Two Brothers opens this weekend in theaters, the story of two twin tiger brothers that are taken into captivity and seperated. Ahh, the drama. We all love movies that are based upon a cute, cuddly, little animal. Well, I guess King Kong wasn't so cute and cuddly. Or little for that matter. So yeah, you guessed it. Its all about animals this week.

1. Whats your favorite movie with an animal as the main character?

Probably The Lion King. I've always been a fan of Disney animation, and I enjoyed The Lion King when it first came out but since my kids got into it, it's really grown on me.

2. Least favorite? And is it your least favorite because of the species of the main character, or just because it was a bad movie?

I loved The Shaggy D.A. when I was a kid (Dean Jones, Susanne Pleshette, Tim Conway - what's not to love??), but after catching it again a couple weeks ago I I loved this movie? It's not a least favorite, by any means, but it shows how the appeal of movies we loved as kids can fade over time - even for us nostalgia buffs. I mean, I bought the big Platinum DVD of The Love Bug, so...

3. Do you prefer your movie animals to be animated or real?

Animated, if they're supposed to talk and move like humans. Cats and Dogs was a good movie, but it's creepy to see their mouths move in CGI.

Bonus~ If you were to star in an animal movie... What type of species would you want your leading... animal to be. And why? C'mon be creative. Even name your animal flick.

Let's see, if I were starring in a movie with an animal it'd have to be...a whale. Yes, an embittered marine biologist leaves on a quest to find the answers he seeks in the wide open waters of the Pacific Northwest coast and befriends a lost humpback whale. I could call it..."The Cetacean, Me, and the Deep Blue Sea".

Call Eisner, I smell blockbuster!

Me and my skunk?!?! Yeah, have fun. Remember to leave a link to your blog or your answers in the comments. 'Til next time...

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