Monday, June 14, 2004

Here and There

  • Fred Clark, aka Slacktivist, discusses the alarming recent rise in popularity of the Rev. (loosely stated) Sun Myung Moon)

  • RIP Bijou Theatre. Apparently.
    The Bijou Theatre Center Board of Trustees announced to the Bijou staff this morning that all Bijou Productions will be suspended and all employees would be let go immediately.
    (Story from Volunteer TV Email alert - not yet on website at press time)

  • CRIKEY!!!!

  • Leslie saves cats, is stalked by ticks and snakes, uncovers old photos of dead relatives and her own misspent childhood, and gets chased by wild chimps with black spiders. Sort of. Just keep reading.

  • We watched the Reagan funeral off and on over the weekend at the cabin. Just the sight of Margaret Thatcher and Mikhael Gorbachev sitting together in the National Cathedral was jaw-dropping.

    Does anyone know where to find transcripts of what the former president's children said at the burial service in California?

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