Sunday, June 20, 2004

Father's Day Weekend

A weekend summary of life in and around the real Inn of the Last Home:

  • Friday: Met Beth and some of my old high school friends for drinks at The Spot, a local club. The club caters now, it seems, to the crowd that have yet to celebrate their 10-year class reunion, much less their 20th.

    Beth - raucous, caustic, and witty and sophisticated as ever - was our class valedictorian and one of my best friends in school. She is living her dream, raising and caring for horses in Kentucky after spending several years as a loan procurer for horse owners. Her younger sister Catherine was in my younger brother's class and also joined us. I haven't seen her since she was in junior high, probably, and suddenly adding twenty years to a junior-high kid was a bit jarring but she turned out to have a dry sense of humor and very easy-going style. Rounding out the group was Karen, who I was not as familiar with in school but now I wish I'd gotten to know her better - she is quite charming.

    So, how did I get so lucky to spend the evening with three beautiful women? (ssssh...don't tell my wife) :)

    We enjoyed our own reunion, toasting the memory of our classmate who recently passed away and sadly won't be attending any more reunions.

    Time passes.

    I got home at 1:30 am...

  • Saturday - We got up early, took BrainyBoy and GiggleGirl to a friend's house and spent the morning and afternoon hanging siding for a Habitat for Humanity House.

    Now, I'm the least handy person in the world. I consult the User's Manual for a hammer. And it was me that caused the Northeast US blackout last year when I tried to change a fuse. So what in the world do I know about siding?

    Well, surprise, no more than anybody else that volunteered! So what did we do?

    We finished the house. In two hours less than the time allotted :) Yeah, us!

    Tired and sweaty, we picked up the kids (Quote: "We have to leave n-o-o-o-o-w-w-w-w????"), farmed them off took one each to visit their respective sets of grandparents, and returned home. L. (my wife) soon left for a work fundraiser that night, and I ambled my way to Oak Ridge to see their production of The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. Sound familiar? That's the show I musical directed in Florida back in February. This was an extra hoot because my boss's husband was playing the lead, Sheriff Dodd.

    I got home and was in bed by 12:15, L. home and in bed not much later than that. This was the first time since the Pleistocene era that I'd been in bed asleep before her.

  • Sunday: After church, we gathered BrainyBoy and sent him to camp Wesley Woods in Townsend, TN. This is his first overnight (two nights, actually) camp trip, and you would think he did this every day. BB is adaptable - happily, eagerly - to almost any situation and gave hardly a second glance.

    Back to my parents house for Father's Day cookout. Spent the evening lounging happily on the back deck with my dad and L's dad, watching the end of the US Open and allowing our bellies to expand from the hamburgers and hot dogs. GiggleGirl and I took a walk around the yard where I grew up, looking for butterflies and bunnies.

    We just got home a while ago. L. and GiggleGirl are snuggled in the bed, BrainyBoy's at camp, I'm on the computer and all's right with the world.

    Life is very. Very. Very. Good.

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