Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Hm...Do You Think They Award Pulitzer Prizes For Sci-fi Novels?

Rich from Shots Across the Bow has been unemployed for too long, and he's fed up with it. In true American entreprenureal spirit, he's started his own micro-publishing company: PHD Publishing.
My mission is two fold. First, I will run a small, independent press, specializing in genre fiction, and releasing 12-20 new titles per year. I'll be marketing these PHD Press releases directly to independent bookstores, as well as to the big chains through a distributer. Additionally, PHD Press will provide low cost, quality editions of classic books in the public domain, like Huckleberry Finn, A Christmas Carol, or Around the World in 80 Days.


The second mission will be to provide a one-stop solution for people looking to self publish their work.

Which leads us to PHD Publishers LLC. We offer all the services a self publisher needs, proofing/copy editing, formatting for print or e-book, ISBN registration, printing and binding, whether short run (100-200 copies) or BOD, and web hosting for e-books, or author's book stores. It is our purpose to provide all the support the new author needs to break into self publishing, or to prepare their manuscript for traditional publishers.
If you're an aspiring writer, throw some business Rich's way. He's a nice guy, a great (if not frequent enough) blogger, and a charter member of the Rocky Top Brigade.

Good luck to ya, Rich, and happy publishing!

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