Monday, June 28, 2004

This weekend

Good weekend. Saturday my family and I saw Beauty and the Beast at the Cumberland County Playhouse and ate dinner with several friends that evening at the Cumberland Mountain State Park. GiggleGirl complained about the Beast roaring too loud (and she told him that, too, "You're too loud!!!") but she greatly enjoyed meeting Belle onstage and in the lobby after the show.

A good friend of mine that I've worked with on several occasions in Oak Ridge is the musical director for the show, and I got to speak with him briefly.

Sunday we took my mom and dad out to dinner for her birthday to Louis' Sort-of-Original-but-not-really-anymore-since-we-had-to-move-across-the-street-to-avoid-construction-on-I-640 Drive-in.

Oh, yeah, and they mentioned the Inn in the paper Sunday.,1406,KNS_2797_2988407,00.html

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The post they reference is here, along with some updated information about elected Republicans in Knoxville and Knox County.

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