Thursday, June 10, 2004

Theatre Thursday

Week 4 - Do You Believe in Magic?

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is now pulling all kinds of young witches and wizards away from their Playstations and into movie theatres all across the country.

That got us Muggles to thinking...wouldn't it have been cool to be able to point your wand at the bully that pushed you around on the playground, say "EXPELLIARMUS!", and watch them fly back against the wall?

1) Which magical power would you like to have (in order to further the cause of good for mankind, of course)? Which magical power would you like to have that you would keep hidden, guiltily, cackling about it under your sheets at night?

a) I'd like to have the power to make myself disappear and appear in another location. I just hate to drive ;) b) um, er, what? I would never do anything like that! (unless maybe I had the power to turn invisible....heh heh heh)

2) If you had a flying broomstick, would you use it? Where would you go?

Absolutely. I'd love to fly. I think I'd just enjoy flying above and around the mountains here in East Tennessee in the fall. Oh, and I'd fly in and buzz a Tennessee football game, preferably when Florida's about to score...

3) If you could briefly turn yourself into an animal, what would it be?

Well, if it didn't have a broomstick it would be some kind of bird (see above for reasons) but absent that, maybe a dolphin.

Bonus) Do you believe in magic?

Do I believe in miracles? Yes! Magic, as in Harry Potter/witches/wizardry type magic? No, sorry. Solely the stuff of fantasies.

That's it till next time! Be sure to leave your name and blog address in the Comments when you've answered the questions.

And remember, Traguna Makoides Tregorum Satis Dee!

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