Thursday, April 28, 2005

Utter and Abject

Have you ever been utterly and abjectly embarrassed and humiliated?

Tonight was the final night of my racquetball league. 8 weeks of losing every single match, and every game except one of each match. 8 l-o-o-o-n-g weeks of being blown away, run over, knocked around and batted about like a child's plaything.

But, incredibly, all that wasn't the worst of it.

Tonight was the round-robin tournament. Where 8 of the 10 players got together all at once and played each other player one game. At the end the W-L records would be totalled and a winner declared. So I ended up playing 7 11-point games this evening.

Guess....just guess....which player lost all seven of the games??

The closest I came was the first one, where my opponent came from down 10-8 to win 11-10. It went down from there.

Now I ache. Everywhere. Even my wrists, as I type this.

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