Tuesday, April 19, 2005

New Food Guide Pyramid. --er, Pyramids.

Yeah, so you think selecting a new Pope is important? Hah! Today we also got a smorgasbord of new Food Guide Pyramids - brought to you straight from the Beef Industry Council of America.

Government Issues 12 New Food Pyramids
"Concerned about steadily expanding waistlines, the government flipped the food pyramid on its side, adding a staircase for exercise and giving consumers 12 individually-tailored models for improving their eating habits.

Inside the pyramid released Tuesday, rainbow-colored bands representing different food groups run vertically from the tip to the base. The old single, triangle-shaped pyramid had a horizontal presentation of food categories that many found confusing."
Interesting, I never found it confusing. It was actually pretty simple: Grains, cereals - very good. Fruits and veggies - good. Meats and milk - pretty good. Sweets and Oils - bad. Each in its own moderation. But now with a good generation of carb-conscious public outcry, fueled by a number of successful diets and vocal dieticians, it's all been turned on its head. Or side, as the case may be.

But there seem to be one for each food group, or occasion, or body type or possible policital party as well. But that's good, because we have one for fat kids, skinny kids, kids that climb on rocks, tall kids, short kids...

Even kids with chicken pox.

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