Monday, April 25, 2005

Back to the Land of the Lost?

Um, ok, on the surface this is great news. It seems they're finally going to make a big-budget "Land of the Lost" movie.

But then you see who's starring, and the premise...

[Will] Ferrell Going Back in Time for Universal's 'Lost'
'The "Saturday Night Live" alumnus is attached to star in a "Land of the Lost" comedy feature based on the 1974-77 television series of the same name.


Universal acquired the feature rights from Sid and Marty Krofft, executive producers of the original NBC series, who will produce the feature for the studio. Jimmy Miller [co-producer of "Elf" and producer of the upcoming "Get Smart" remake] and Julie Wixson-Darmody [also a co-producer of "Elf"] also will produce via the Mosaic Media Group banner.

Adam McKay, a former "SNL" writer who directed Ferrell in "Anchorman," [and wrote "Bewitched"] is attached to direct, with Chris Henchy [who has written for TV] and Dennis McNicholas [original head writer for "Saturday Night Live"] signing on to adapt the screenplay.

As I've said before, I'm a big 70's kids TV nostalgia buff. "Land of the Lost" was my favorite show, and was a big part in kick-starting my love of dinosaurs, sci-fi and all things fantastic and amazing.

I'll reserve judgement until I see some plot reports, but at first glance I can't say I'm encouraged. Will Ferrell seems to be well-respected in the light fantasy/romantic comedy genre ("Elf", "Bewitched"), but I desparately don't want them to take this show and make it a farce. The fact that all the producers, directors and writers mentioned are comedy veterans doesn't help matters either...

Maybe with the right combination of drama and comedy, and the right actors to play Will and Holly, it might come off.

The kids and I are right now in the middle of watching the DVD's for the second season of the show, and they are as into it as I was (although Tink runs and hides whenever she sees a Sleestak). Plus BrainyBoy and I are watching/rewatching all the Jurassic Park movies as well, so dinosaurs are definitely on our mind.

So, we'll see...

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