Thursday, April 21, 2005

Meep Meep

Wily neighbor not wanted
"Wesley Road, West Knoxville (WVLT) - The next time you look out into your backyard don't be all that surprised if you see some wildlife you're not usually accustomed to seeing.


"It definitely isn't the sort of thing you expect to find in Knoxville, even a suburban area like this," says Bill Stack, who saw a coyote in his backyard.

"It looked like a dog, about the size of a German Shephard, but has spindly legs, long, pointed snout and a big, bushy tail down between his hind legs, no dog I've ever seen looks like that," continues Stack.

The coyote is apparently making itself out home in this neighborhood, four sightings all within a mile of Bill Stack's yard."
You know, about a hundred jokes ran through my head when I read this, but there's just too many opportunities to create a humorous anecdote. So, as a public service, I'll just supply you with the funny terms and you create your own jokes:

  • Road Runner
  • ACME
  • anvil
  • oncoming train
  • "Good morning, Sam." "Good morning, Ralph."
  • birdseed
  • ManBat Costume

    There, that should do it. Mix and match and enjoy!

    Oh, I do love this quote..
    "As long as they're not rabid, they're no threat to you, but keep a close eye on any small pets. Wolfe says they're easy targets for a coyote's next meal."
    Now, let's think about this a second. If an animal is rabid, that would mean pretty much it would have to bite you. Well, if it can bite you and transfer rabies...couldn't even a non-rabid coyote still bite you? How does a non-rabid but still biting coyote pose no threat? Last I heard, bites, like, hurt...
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