Thursday, April 21, 2005

Ho hum - Another Day, Another Dollar

  • Can't muster up enough creative juices to write about much today. I have a lot to say over the weekend, when I'm going to be talk a lot about an old buddy I recently got back in contact with. In fact, regular readers kind of witnessed it in the comments to this. That's coming, soon - amusing college stories.

  • I play racquetball tonight, and softball after. That groan you hear will be my aching bones crying out in protest. Well, that's assuming it doesn't rain - we've spoiled ourselves the last several days with more nice weather than we normally get in a row. Rain's forecast through Saturday, so we'll see.

  • BrainyBoy didn't win anything in the Science Fair earlier this week, but he certainly took it in stride, and everyone in his class was very happy and supportive of the kids who did win. I find that heartening. Of course, it's just third grade and the big jealousy virus probably hasn't hit very hard yet but still it's fun to see kids root for and not against each other. He also got on TV briefly, as did I - the local Channel 10 news did a short piece on the Fair Tuesday evening. He could be seen behind the shoulder of another youngster explaining his exhibit and I was in the background later. Woo! Famous!

  • So, we're supposedly getting Traffic Cameras. Big whoop. I don't care who sees my picture driving, and if it helps prevent accidents good deal. There's reports of illegal or at least immoral kickbacks in the deal and that should be investigated but all the paranoia and "privacy concerns" are much ado about nothing. If so-called "Privacy Advocates" get their way, we'll all be walking around with bags over our heads.
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