Monday, April 11, 2005

Another Weekend in the Neighborhood

The weekend was typical, yet fresh in many ways. Sunny, warm weather is a huge plus for me and everyone else around here. Coupled with Savings Time (Motto: "We're adding two months, and passing the savings on to you!") the whole town seems to be in a better, more uplifing mood.

I was fortunate enough to attend a series of lectures from a Dr. Jim Fleming on the Parables of the Bible. Dr. Fleming is an archeologist who runs a history museum in Jerusalem, and also trains Christian, Jewish and Muslims as tour guides around the Holy City. He spoke of the archeological and social backgrounds of the time of Jesus, and how they related to the context of the parables He related. Very, very interesting stuff and if you ever hear of him coming round your way to speak, you should check him out. He'll be in Cleveland TN for the next couple days, then in Atlanta.

One of the more interesting things he spoke about was a background on the current Middle East situation, and his impressions of the prospects for peace after living in the area for 31 years. He said several months ago he never felt the prospects for peace were more remote, but today he's never felt they were so close. What with the recent elections in Palestin and Iraq, plus the decision of Israel's Sharon to renegotiate the settlements, the future does appear to be getting much brighter.

The kids had plenty of time to run around outside in the sun with the neighbor kids, and for me to do a little yardwork. How little? Very little. It was even a better weekend for sitting in the chair by the open window, with a good book, feeling the breeze. And watching your son finally get the knack of riding his bike for the first time...

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