Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Rain, Rain...

Poor BrainyBoy.

He loves soccer. Bless his little heart, he's not that good, but he enjoys playing.

If only the Rain Gods would allow him to...

His spring soccer season officially "started" (in quotes because...well, you'll see) the middle of March. Since then, he's actually played 2 real games and 1 real-game-that-became-a-scrimmage because neither team had enough players.

For some reason here in East Tennessee this season - in amongst all the gorgeous neo-spring-like weather, it still manages to rain almost every Friday and Saturday. Which, naturally, are the days he practices and plays games, respectively.

So the make-ups pile up, and the actual last game on the schedule is May 14, in three weeks. And they're off this weekend because all the refs will be at a tournament somewhere.


If that weren't bad enough, we got home last night around ten after 6pm, and a message on the phone from the coach's wife informed us that they just found out (around noon) that a makeup game was scheduled that evening at 6pm. i.e. ten minutes before we arrived home. Why, thanks...thanks for letting us know.


So another week will go by without a game for him. Which is a shame, because he enjoys it.

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