Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Are You Ready For Some Football? NOPE!

''Monday Night Football'' leaving ABC for ESPN
"`Monday Night Football,' which 35 years ago was one of the biggest gambles in television history and then became the backbone of ABC's revival, is headed to cable. ESPN, which like ABC is owned by The Disney Company, will take over, beginning with the 2006 season, what has been a TV institution and made the NFL a prime-time ratings draw."
Well, as much as everyone likes John Madden (or at least they must, since he seems to be propped back up in the booth every year due to "popular demand". Or he's holding their children hostage.) I for one will be glad that he's finally retired.

That's assuming they can keep him from pulling the big camper up and parking in front of the doors to ESPN studios.

Personally, I can much easier see him, Andy Rooney and Wilford Brimley sitting on the front porch together, whittling, eating oatmeal and yelling at the damn kids to get off their lawn...

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