Thursday, April 07, 2005

New Features

A couple of new web features have sprung up recently and caught my attention:

  • Yahoo's 360º page. It seems to be a one-stop shop for information on those using Yahoo's personalization services. Email, Groups, etc with room for pictures, testimonials, about each individual person.

    What's odd about it so far is it seems to be by invitation only - I send out e-mail invitations to people to come view the page and join the "Friends" list, thus creating some sort of separate circle of links to others' 360º pages...or something like that. It's all very confusing. So if you see an invite in your inbox do the inthing and make an in--er, entrance.

  • I'm now the happy recipient of a Best East Tennessee Bloggers Award (which seems to be given out to just about anyone who asks -- sortof like Rocky Top Brigade membership) from the nice folks at the Award-Winning Tennessee Bloggers site. This seems to be a very slick site, with feeds from news sources and bloggers all over Tennessee. Worth a visit.

Again, I'm not certain what it means but it all seems terribly prestigious so I'm happy to be a part of them both!

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