Friday, April 01, 2005

Friday's Feast

Feast Forty-One

Appetizer - Describe your week in one word.


Soup - Tell about a funny practical joke that you've played on someone (or that was played on you!).

Well, I remember my parents having me absolutely convinced it had snowed outside one April 1 morning. This morning I had Tink convinced it was going to snow 5 inches today. I guess what goes around, comes around....

Salad - Name someone you had a crush on when you were a kid.

The first girl I ever had a crush on was Tracey. Tracey with an 'ey', which made her that much more special. She was short, and had gorgeous long black hair and dark eyes. I was always reminded of her when watching "The Wonder Years," because she resembled Winnie and Kevin's crush on her was similar to mine. We were in junior high, and I was the very picture of "crush" on this girl. We had a number of classes together, so I saw her often. She was soft spoken, with a sarcastic, yet not at all cruel wit that most junior high girls don't really have the sophistication for yet. She called me by my last name (humorously) almost the entire time I knew her, which was another point of charm in her favor. I once brought a camera to school for some strange reason and took a picture of her, sitting next to me in home room, as we were each practicing how to raise one eyebrow.

I thought about her all the time, imagined elaborate fantasies how I could get her to "like me". She "went with" a guy named Mark the whole time I was mooning over her, and I imagined ways I could best him on the baseball field, or other competitions for her. We did eventually go to a Jr. High dance together - we actually got together before hand at her house and "practiced" to music like "McArthur Park" (this was 1979 or so, after all). The night of the dance our parents drove us separately and we met there together - I was so proud. I had finally gotten the chance to go out with the girl of my dreams....and midway through the evening she wandered off to hang out with some of her friends and ended up dancing to "McArthur Park" with another guy. The ride home alone was not a pleasant one for me. After Jr High we moved on to high school, and the crush eventually abated - to be replaced by other and just as intense crushes but that's another story.

Bethy, C.E.Y., maybe Missy or Danny - if you're reading this, you probably know who I'm talking about since we all graduated together. I haven't seen Tracey since graduation 20+ years ago, though I know last I heard she's married and happy.

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Main Course - If you were a member of royalty, what would your title be?


Dessert - What colors are the clothes you are wearing today?

Blue button-fly jeans and a grey shirt. It can't decide if it's spring here yet or not, so I dress accordingly.

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