Friday, February 16, 2007

Friday's Feast

What sound, other than the normal ringing, would you like your telephone to make?

Well, since we're starting off light I'll make a True Geek Confession. My cell phone rings with the theme to "Star Trek: The Next Generation".

Stop laughing.

But if would be cool if my home phone could announce, "*beep* Incoming transmission from ______ for Barry. Shall I put it on speakers, sir?"

Describe your usual disposition in meteorological terms (partly cloudy, sunny, stormy, etc.).

Sunny, but very hazy with occasional dark patches. Rarely rainy or stormy. Always warm, though.

What specific subject do you feel you know better than any other subjects?

Drama and music analysis, theory.

Main Course
Imagine you were given the ability to remember everything you read for one entire day. What books/magazines/newspapers would you choose to read?

a) The New Testament (as much of the epistles as I could). Proverbs would be good to have memorized, too.
b) So much news is fleeting, so there's no point to memorizing a newspaper or magazine...

If a popular candy maker contacted you to create their next candy bar, what would it be like?

White chocolate with pepperoni. Oh, and watermelon.

Hey, you asked...

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