Thursday, February 01, 2007

Our Only Recourse?

Yesterday the Knox County Commission held allegedly illegal backdoor meetings to replace their term-limited brethren. In violation of state Sunshine laws, they apparently decided amongst themselves without public input who would be appointed to fill the vacant positions. The practice of fair governing was blatantly usurped in front of our eyes to insert relatives, friends and supporters of previous commissioners onto the board. A lawsuit was filed immediately thereafter contending said violations.

What can be done about it by Knox Countians? The obvious first option is to vote at the polls. But since 20% of the populace ever gets out to vote at any one time, that's difficult to do in an organized way. Plus since most candidates are floated out by the local corn-fed versions of the two political parties, there is often not much to choose from.

Lane wonders if we should "impeach the whole bunch for just being idiots." Were it that easy, we'd do it in a heartbeat.

I wonder if it's not time for another recall proceedings, this time not directed at the city mayor's office at City Council but County Commission.

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