Thursday, February 01, 2007


Have you seen the commercial for the new movie The Messengers?

Next time it comes on, ask your kids if they hear the ultrasonic whistle...

Here's the premise: Supposedly there's a set of ultrasonic frequencies that only kids can hear, and as we get older we lose our ability to hear in that frequency range. This is a scientific fact - the movie states that there may be a visual range kids can only see and adults can't....and there lies - MADNESS!!!

Well, whatever. Anyway, at the beginning of the commercial there's a graphic of a sound wave, with the word "Ultrasonic" at the top (while the movie scenes are playing). The commercial came on last night while we were watching TV. We asked BrainyBoy and Tink if they could hear the sound, and they nodded as if, "duh..yeah". Laura and I looked at each other with surprise, thinking they were joking around. I backed up the DVR several times and we played it over an over - every time they could hear the whine, and we couldn't. This caused great amusement for BrainyBoy, though Tink thought it was "creepy" and wanted it to stop.

Amazing they can hear this frequency just fine, but can't hear me tell them to finish eating their dinner or pick up their shoes...

Note: the link to the preview site above doesn't contain the TV commercial, only the theatrical trailer. I haven't found it on YouTube yet, but if I do I'll post it.

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