Monday, February 26, 2007

Holding My Breath

I haven't been very consistent in my blogposting lately, and I'm not sure why. Looking back over the last few weeks I think I've had more Friday Feasts than anything.

Mostly because my life is in a bit of a holding pattern, waiting for things to start or confirm to start.

I still haven't heard if I'm going to be directing a play down in Athen, TN - or even whether they want me to direct. All I got was an inquiry whether I was interested, and haven't heard anything more. Since auditions are March 11, surely some sort of decision or offer will be made any moment now. This will have a huge impact on my extracurricular activities during March and April.

I am music directing a show beginning late April, that's confirmed. I'm just in waiting mode for it to start. Which is fine, but it's interesting to be scheduled for something this far away in time (I've been attached to the project - how Hollywood! - for a couple months, already).

I also had an offer to music direct a show at Theatre Knoxville, but had to turn it down due to conflicts with the April show and possibly the Athens show. Who knew I was so popular? It's a shame, because I've never worked with them before and they have an interesting lineup of shows coming up. Hopefully we can work something out in the future.

BrainyBoy's Destination Imagination team is wrapping up work on their big aviation project, and is set to compete in a couple of weeks. This, combined with a number of other heavy school projects, has brought out some good work in him. The school science fair is upcoming which is a huge project as well.

Tink continues gymnastics and just being Tink, which wears her out.

I'm also prepping for another Atomic Horns gig Saturday night, this time at the UT Nuclear Engineering 50th Anniversary conference at the Knoxville Convention Center. Hopefully I will either hold off or get through the cold I feel brewing inside me, or any of the much worse stomach stuff that seems to be slowly working its way through town and our family.

Even more exciting is the two tickets I have to the UT/Florida basketball game tomorrow night at Thompson Boling Arena. I'm really looking forward to going with my dad, who I haven't gone to a game with in years. I think I'm more excited about spending time with him than going to the game itself (don't get the big head, dad... :) ) Especially looking forward to this, but am a bit nauseated at the prospect of this.

Finally, big projects at work weigh heavy, but are either out of my hands completely or I continue to wait on content, graphics, etc. Corporate websites are a huge collaborative process, but sometimes people tend to place that as a small priority in their daily responsibilities. And the guy whose job it is to build the sites has no choice but to wait.

I hope everyone had a good weekend!

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