Saturday, February 10, 2007

Top 10 Surprises at the Blogfest This Evening

Top 10 Surprises at the Blogfest This Evening

10. Perry Nelson wins rib-eating contest by stuffing 10 in his mouth at once. Still passed out under table.

9. Calhouns employees surprisingly unperturbed at SayUncle and Les Jones randomly firing off rounds into the rafters...

8. Rich Hailey looks surprisingly dashing in his Looney Toons pajamas.

7. Every 10 minutes on the dot, Michael Silence screams out, "Stop the Presses!!"

6. R. Neal mixing with West Knox Republicans surprisingly does not result in spontaneous combustion.

5. Supreme Court rules Glenn Reynolds term limited, wife Helen appointed to serve out the remainder of his term at Instapundit.

4. Bad reaction to spicy buffalo wings causes LissaKay to blurt out she keeps photos of Nixon and Reagan under her pillow at night.

3. Michael Faulk tearfully reveals he secretly loathes the mountains and would much rather live in a very deep valley.

2. Doug IM's Cathy to pass the salt. Cathy IM's Doug to hand her some butter. Doug IM's Cathy to remind her they need to pick up milk on they way home. Cathy IM's Doug that the baby needs changing. Not a word is said all evening....

And the #1 Surprise at the Blogfest This Evening...

1. Chase a kid, do a shot... Chase a kid, do a shot...

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