Sunday, August 06, 2006

Friday's Feast

Friday's Feast

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Friday, August 04, 2006 - Feast One Hundred & Five

Appetizer - Name an actor or actress you think is totally underappreciated.

Alan Alda, for one. And that's not just because I'm currently reading his autobiography, nor ir it because Hawkeye Pierce is my favorite fictional character.

Ok, maybe that is why. But still.

Another actor I love to watch but I don't feel has received his due is Jeff Bridges. "What?" you say..."He's a famous movie star!" Well, yes, but even for all the great movies Bridges has done, he still has never quite made it to the top of the heap, nor is he really known for that one memorable role that he deserves. Maybe someday.

As for actresses, Jodie Foster has always been my favorite. Like Bridges, she has had great success but in this case due to her own personal life and creative quirks never quite broke into that top group deserving the greatest praise. I think once her career is over she will join Tom Hanks as the undisputed best actors of their generation.

Soup - Impress us by using a big word in a sentence.

"His choice of words in the poem was very ostentatious, but was still quite onomotopoetic due to the conflagration of tones and pronunciation."

Oh, you just said one?

Salad - What is something inanimate that you've given a name to (such as a pet rock)?

For a while I had a car I called "The Phoenix" for reasons to complicated to go into.

Main Course - What color would best represent your personality and why?

Green, easily. Cool and calm, yet full of the vibrancy of life

Dessert - Fill in the blanks: ____________ is so ____________.

My self-confidence is so easily cracked these days.

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