Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Vote? Consider it Rocked

Well, I went and voted today. We vote at Cedar Bluff Middle School in the 42nd precinct, which is N. Cedar Bluff in the 5th district. At 7:30 this evening the line was out the door of the gym into the lobby of the school, and I didn't get out of there till about 8:15.

Even though all 9 voting booths were in operation, voting was slow because of 1) an historically long ballot, and b) brand new-fangled voting machines. The new machines are like big PDA's on steroids, but incredibly easy to use - at least to me. In fairness, I'd tried it out with the online Flash simulator a couple weeks ago and was fairly familar with it...but apparently it really slowed a lot of folks down. I had finished voting before some other folks who had entered their booths before me.

Course, I deal with these types of interfaces all the time so even if I hadn't tried it out beforehand I probably would've taken about the same time.

Voting results may take a while to tabulate, but we all know the winners anyway so...why wait up? Sheriff Tim'll still be sheriffin', Harold and Bob'll be running against each other in the fall and 235 judges across the state that no one's ever heard of will be reaffirmed and no one will notice.

Rock the Vote!

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