Friday, August 04, 2006

Whither Frist?

With the possible successors to Sen. Bill Frist’s Senate seat narrowed to two, Tish waxes melodic about the good doctor’s legacy and virtues:
I say all this just to prepare you for a few thoughts I’d like to share - thoughts on Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist. I have an incredible admiration for this man. In fact, I blogged about him once before. His accomplishments in the medical field and in politics make him one of the most influential men in recent history - at least in my book.
She goes on to list a number of these accomplishments, all of which are indeed noteworthy. I commented on my evaluation of Senator Frist and his legacy, and repeat it here for discussion.

Everything I’ve seen of him since after he was elected tells me he’s become a career politician all the way and replaced medicine as his passion and career.

I know he’s not running for Senate, but 1) he’s filling a campaign promise and b) he’s setting up for a presidential run. I believe he’s angling everything that’s going on in his professional career for political gain.

The fact that he rose so fast from a Freshman Senator that nobody’d ever heard of (but with a “hook”, that he was an MD) to gaining popularity by using his medical skills while in office, to suddenly rising to Senate Majority Leader? The ascension was too sudden to be simply a testement to his leadership and integrity - there had to be way too much politickin’, and that’s not good for anyone, especially his constituents in Tennessee.

When a person decides to become a physician he needs to dedicate his life to medicine and healing others. Frist did so for a while, then saw a better deal in politics and for all intents and purposes turned his back on being a physician. To so easily from such a noble calling to a way of life that wallows in dishoner strikes me as very suspect.

Now, if he’s actually retired from public life and returns to the private sector as a regular doc or even an administrator, I’ll glady admit I was wrong. I hope I am. But I think we’ll forget Senator Frist was ever Dr. Frist as he attempts to become President Frist.

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