Tuesday, August 15, 2006

School Daze!

I found this meme at Blogaritaville:

How many schools did you go to?
1) Smithwood Elementary School
2) Gresham Junior High School
3) Knoxville Central High School
4) University of Tennessee (all of these in Knoxville)

Teacher's nightmare or teacher's pet?
Teacher's pet, absolutely. I enjoyed going to school and didn't give anyone any trouble.

Did you have a label in school? (nerd, jock,etc)
My label would've been "artsy" if such a label existed because as time went on my life increasingly revolved around the Holy Triumverite: Band, Chorus and Drama.

What’s the biggest rule you broke in school?
I don't recall ever really breaking a rule bad enough to get me in trouble... I do remember really sticking my tongue out at my second grade teacher because I got mad at her. I don't remember anything after that....

Were you in any clubs or organizations?
I was in Key Club and Beta Club, although I enver quite figured out what they did except service projects. Maybe that was the point. And of course the aforementioned music and drama groups.

Did you have any nicknames in school?
No, my parents deliberately chose the name "Barry" so it couldn't be shortened or altered into a nickname.

Three subjects you enjoyed?
1. American History/Government (High School)
2. Greek and Roman Mythology (College)
3. Astronomy (College)

Three teachers who inspired you?
1. Mrs Steed (5th Grade)
2. Mr. Roberts (7th grade Science)
3. Ms. Scarbro (8th grade American History)
4. BONUS! Mr. Secrist (11th grade American History)

Would you go back and do it over?
I would if I could only give my past self some advice - don't fall in "love" so hard, and even when you do, do something about it! Don't sit and pine from afar, don't be afraid to walk up to her and tell her how you feel.

Any major fashion faux paus? Bonus for pics!!
I wore parachute pants in high school occasionally (it was the early 80's, after all...)

I don't have any parachute pants photos, but here's me on the day of my graduation from UT (circa August, 1989):

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